Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Sweet 16!!

My daughter turned 16!

WOW where did the time go, seems I was hugely pregnant not that long ago, and then I had the most beautiful bundle in my arms

I remember all of it, like it was yesterday.  Cold, Cold day, like -30 or colder even. My dad was shut down trucking so he was the first visitor we had, and then my mom and sister came the next day.

Fast forward, now she is 16!!

I decided to document her day in pictures
First thing in the morning, still looks like the same 15 year old that went to bed the night before. Off to get ready for her busy day in the city.

First stop, Dr Goldade Orthodontist

I happened to mention that we were only the down side of the "brace" mountain, and he replied with "only 10 more weeks"!!! Total shocker, we both thought it would be until at least summer!

From there, SHE DROVE (for the first time in the city)to the mall, where we had lunch.
Then it was off to the dentist for a cleaning

After that, she drove over to Warehouse One to spend the gift card she got for her birthday from her aunty. Then off to the last appointment of the day, the Optometrist

After that we had to get a few groceries, and then off to Moxies for supper and dessert, before she drove us home. 
Happy Sweet 16 Sweetheart!!

Happy Tuesday


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