Monday, August 27, 2012

Olive 1

I finished it
I finished my quilt
I was really unsure about the colors to begin with,
But really like it now
I used an Olive green for the sashing
which is where she gets her name from
The Fabric was a charm pack
Beach House by Moda
as I said in my last post
I used a free pattern I found on Pinterest
I also got my hands on some old kitchen chairs
Love them too
Great for photographs

nice chair huh??

not a bad quilt either

I used flannel for the backing, the flowers are very close to the front colors

Quilted it in a simple rectangle pattern
used the backing fabric for the binding

I Like it

Now just to decide where she gets to live

Happy Monday

Monday, August 20, 2012


I have been doing some sewing this summer

I am not new to sewing

I like to sew

I made a new camera strap cover
then gave it away to a friend

Made a new cover for my e-reader

place mats and table runners for my kitchen
mug mats for my water glasses

Have I mentioned I get lots of ideas from

I Love Pinterest

I made a quilt for each of my children a few years ago

for my daughter

my oldest son
funny how I never looked at the pattern before
looks like an old video game
and my youngest son

each of their quilt had pieces
of my old flannel pajamas
so that way
mommy was always with them

cute huh

back to Pinterest

I found this quilt pattern
the patter can be found at Moda Bake Shop

I fell in love with it
loved the pattern, it seemed easy enough
loved the colors

I can make that!!

Of course in Saskatchewan
we don't get all the fancy fabric right away

I found this instead

it is Beach House from Moda

the pattern uses Charm Packs
which are already cut fabric packs
can't get much easier than that

here is my quilt front

looks pretty good

can't wait to get the batting and backing and get it quilted

it is not quite big enough for a queen size bed,
I already did the math for the next one to be the right size!!

I will show you the finished product when I get it done

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Monday

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mug Mats

a summer pet peeve

a nice cold glass of water

on the counter, it sweats

leaves a nasty wet ring

again one morning on Pinterest
(I love Pinterest)

I found these

It made me think
I could make little mini place mats
Mug Mats

basically a mini quilt
and if you know anything about quilting
you can tell I DID NOT pin my work
it is an original

I love it
I can see more of these in my future
for my counter
my desk
my friends :)

Here is another set I made
and shipping off to a friend already
she also got a matching cup cozy

Cool huh??

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Thursday!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Placemats

When we move into our new house,
almost 2 years ago already
(wow time flies)

We got my Husbands Grandparents
Solid Oak Table

We refinished it
got chairs to match
and use it daily

But I want to take care of it,
it is over 60 years old!!

I bought some placemats,
but they were boring

One morning on my daily brouse of

I found this

I know how to sew
I like sewing
I can make one of those

Off to the quilt store
I went

Came home with some great summer fabric

and this is what I made

nice and bright and summery
 but what is a table runner
without placemats to match

 again, nice and bright
and all different, none the same

My trip to the fabric store
some fall fabric followed me
for a nice fall set too

Happy Monday
Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Birthday

One last Birthday this summer

I think I am good now until fall!

Which is good because my sewing area has taken over my craft area,
but more of that later in the week ;)

nice bright summer colors
and Pin Wheels are all about summer

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Tuesday

Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Birthdays

My Sister In Law turned 30 this summer!!

When my daughter seen it,
she asked if I could make the same one for her friend,
who turns 16 this summer

So I did

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Sunday


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