Friday, November 29, 2013

Starry Night Giant Star Quilt (23)

23 quilts

I have made 23 quilts
finally 1 will live on my bed!!

I finished up my 
Starry Night Giant Star quilt
last weekend,
but had to wait for a time where I had extra hands, 
and not bright sunlight to photograph it

4 corners on this quilt I have to pick the one that my quilting was NOT straight to photograph!!

I used Jeni Bakers'
Giant Star quilt tutorial, 
but made my squares bigger to begin with
so I ended up with a larger star
then I added 2 borders to make it queen sized

I used a mix of blue and grey fat quarters from my stash
and backed it with grey fleece

Straight line quilted it with 1.5 inch spacing
on my own home machine

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIP Starry Night

I have pulled out another quilt top that has been on my to-do pile for way too long

I wanted to make myself a quilt

I pieced the top a while ago
like last June or July

I finally got what I wanted for the backing,
only to find out it really wasn't big enough
so I pieced the backing

and got to work on the quilting

 This is where I do my basting
I use 505 Spray Adhesive to baste, so the tile floor in the dining area
makes the most sense, and it is the easiest to clean up

It is a good thing we have a huge dining table
for a queen sized quilt

(I usually use painters tape to tape my backing to the floor during the basting step,
painters tape doesn't like to stick to fuzzy backing like minky, fireside or fleece. My helpful hubby suggested I use Tuck Tape, DO NOT DO THIS
I had THEE worst time getting it off of the fabric, and in some spots ended up cutting it off. 
That is what the red stuff on my quilt in the picture above)

I had a lot of fabric to deal with, and work through my machine

But in the end
it was all worth it, it turned out great

I will get some finished pics soon
the weather has to cooperate

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Swoon in Progress

4 blocks down
I have no idea, how many to go, lol

I want to make this for in my living room
my furniture is chocolate brown, and my accents are blue

I have been mixing all shades of blue and brown
But can't decide if I want to make it 2x3 for a rectangle
or if I want it 3x3 for a bigger square


Happy Sunday

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mini Starburst Table Topper

I finished my Mini Starburst Table topper!!

I wanted a few more table toppers, and runners for the holiday season

I have had my eye on the 

I plan on making one 
in pink, yellow, blue and grey,
the colours of my Impromtu quilt
to go in my spare room

But first wanted to make one in
holiday fabrics

See the snow flakes and swirls

This will sit on my radio stand for this year

In other news
it is very chilly this weekend -30 C
when we got up this morning!

More projects on the go
picked up some batting yesterday in the city
so I can get quilting a few of my other projects that are the waiting pile

Happy Saturday
Stay warm!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blogathon Canada

I am very excited
I found a whole bunch of great Canadian quilt bloggers

The Sew Sisters are hosting the Blogathon Canada
to introduce us to more great Canadian bloggers

I would like to thank Flo at Butterfly Quilting
for adding me to her blog list

I will share a bit about myself

I grew up in a city
fell in love with a farm boy
married that farmer
we have 3 children

We live on the farm and honestly
there is no place I would rather be

We grain farm and raise cattle

I have always had a love for all things home-made
I am a scrapbooker, and a card maker
I am also a quilter

About a year ago now 
my husband said to me
"you should make quilts for the twin"

the other day I said to him
"look what you started"

These are the quilts that started it all

my Irish Chain quilt

my Darkside quilt

and last but not least

I have found the blog world is a great place for inspiration
I could spend hours looking on the internet

I am glad to be making my own place in this blog world

Thank you for stopping by, I would love if you stop back again
Happy Thursday

Swoon in Progress

Swoon quilts seem to be popping up all over the blog world again
Once again reminding me of my 2 lonely swoon blocks
hanging on the design wall, waiting to be finished

Just seems like other projects keep jumping to the front of the line

So the other night I pulled out my 
already cut
pieces, and got to work

and, yes that is my seam ripper sitting
be the pile that was sewn together wrong

and so it sits

another project
I have made another table topper, 
got it all sewn together
and then sandwiched with the batting and backing
just waiting to be quilted

As I mentioned in yesterday post, 
I have changed my blog name and address, so make sure you update 
your bloglovin

Happy Wednesday
Thanks for stopping by

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a few changes

I have been wanting to make a few changes around here for a while
bear with me while they are in progress
as I am learning to do things myself, lol

Please note
the new address!!!

Please fix anything you need to fix to find me
like Bloglovin

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hockey Rink quilt (22)

Ok, New Favourite!!!

But don't we say that about each new quilt we make??

I asked a question on Facebook 
a few weeks ago
"would you buy one of my quilts"
I had lots of people say, YES they would

The cradle quilt in my last post was the first one

This is the second one

I was asked to make a quilt
for my friend and her little twin daughters to use
while they are at the cold hockey rinks, watching their bigger sister
at hockey

She said it was up to me what pattern and fabric I choose
she only asked that I used Red, Navy and White,
the teams colours

This idea popped in my head right away,
I wanted the navy to be the main fabric because of where it will be used,
and tried to use as little white as possible.

the backing is supper cozy grey Fireside fabric
if you have never used it, it compared to minky for softness

hard to capture "softness" in a picture, lol

and finished it all off with a scrappy red binding
I have sent her pictures and her response was


and now to show you a new addition in my house

yup, I got a wooden ladder finally

My wonderful hubby made it for me!!!
We are at odds right now over finishing it though,
he wants to stain it, I want to antique paint it

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Thursday
Stay warm!!

Fresh Poppy Design

Central Park Finished (20 & 21)

I had a rough night
between sick kids and hubby getting up to go hunting
I didn't get much sleep last night

I have a quilt sitting on the machine right now
waiting for binding, 
I hope I have the energy to get it finished

On to something that is finished

Central Park is Finished!!

It sat on the unfinished pile for a while

I love that it is a great mix of colours and prints
Perfect baby quilt
or nice cozy lap quilt

backed with COZY minky
This one is going up for sale, my collection is growing, 
and i have more in the works, I want to make
Besides, my hubby says it is not big enough for him to cover up with, lol

Also I have my first commissioned quilt to show

I was asked to make a (mini in my opinion)
cradle sized quilt
The customer asked for a gender neutral
cause the parents didn't know what they were having

She asked for yellow and turquoise

again it is backed with COZY minky

the grandpa to be made the cradle!!

Like I said earlier
I have more projects in the works

This lovely bolt of fabric arrived at my door step 
a few weeks ago got big plans to use it up!!

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Thursday

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aspen Frost Runners

I can remember when I was a kid
my mom and my grandmas had doilies 
on their end tables and coffee tables

Quilters make 
Quilted Doilies!!

I used Aspen Frost for Moda
Mini Charm Packs

They are so cute!!

One for each end table

and a bigger one for the fireplace

I have a few other mini Charm packs
I am hoping to make some other seasonal
table runners too.

I still have a few
other Christmas ones I want to make too

Happy Tuesday
Thanks for stopping by

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Frosty's new home

This is what my weather has looked like for the last 2 days.

I hate winter, I hate snow and I hate cold!!!

It seems fitting that while it's been ugly outside I found a home for my Frosty wall hanging. 

I plan on making other seasonal wall hangings for there as well


I was asked to make a baby quilt, cradle sized, it will be my first paid project. 

Just need to get some better thread to quilt it. 

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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