Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIP Starry Night

I have pulled out another quilt top that has been on my to-do pile for way too long

I wanted to make myself a quilt

I pieced the top a while ago
like last June or July

I finally got what I wanted for the backing,
only to find out it really wasn't big enough
so I pieced the backing

and got to work on the quilting

 This is where I do my basting
I use 505 Spray Adhesive to baste, so the tile floor in the dining area
makes the most sense, and it is the easiest to clean up

It is a good thing we have a huge dining table
for a queen sized quilt

(I usually use painters tape to tape my backing to the floor during the basting step,
painters tape doesn't like to stick to fuzzy backing like minky, fireside or fleece. My helpful hubby suggested I use Tuck Tape, DO NOT DO THIS
I had THEE worst time getting it off of the fabric, and in some spots ended up cutting it off. 
That is what the red stuff on my quilt in the picture above)

I had a lot of fabric to deal with, and work through my machine

But in the end
it was all worth it, it turned out great

I will get some finished pics soon
the weather has to cooperate

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday


knitnkwilt said...

Cheers on the quilting--looks very good on the star. I am starting at 35 x 35 and working my way up to see how big I can handle.

AshleySaxon said...

Great piecing and I love your choice of quilting! Keep it up :)

Diana and Rosie said...

I love the quilt. Basting is my least favorite part of quilting.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

good tip about the Duct tape LOL


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