Monday, December 30, 2013

Double Double (25)

Now that Christmas is over
I can post my gift quilt

Earlier this year, 
on one of my parents visit to my house,
my mom commented how nice it would be to have 
a nice lap sized quilt

That statement set into motion
a special quilt

My daughter wanted to help too

We decided to use the same fabric line as moms other quilt
Double Chocolate by Moda

We picked an easy pattern
the Double slice

which is where the name Double Double comes from

My daughter pieced the quilt top, and I did the quilting and binding
for the backing we used cozy chocolate brown fireside fabric

it is -30 Celsius in my area of the world these day
perfect for cozying up under a nice quilt

Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year

Happy Monday
Stay warm

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quilt repair

My grandma used to make quilts
She used all kinds of scrap fabric, mostly old Polyester and Fortrell
those quilts are going to last forever!!

Sadly she also used cheap flannel for the backing

I was asked by my sister a few weeks ago,
to repair a grandma quilt, that had seen the inside of a washing
machine, one too many times

Once I got it taken apart, and got a good look at the quilt,
I decided the best way to repair it, would be to do it the same
as grandma had made it. 

Sewn right sides together, 
and then flipped outside in
and tied

I am very happy to be carrying on my grandmas quilting 

I did get a good laugh at her pattern
small squares, larger squares
and rectangles even

I have given my sister many more years with her quilt

Happy Sunday
Stay Warm
Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Cards

I got a call one Thursday morning, from my sister in law
"Can you make me 12 Christmas cards...
for tomorrow?"

well of course I can!!

complete with hand colouring, embossing and fussy cutting
not to bad for 1 days notice!

Happy Saturday
Stay Warm
Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Postage Stamp (24)

I finished up my 
Postage Stamp quilt!

Love it
Love the bold colours and the white!!

I have decided to give this quilt as a 
Christmas gift, so I guess I will have to make another one for me

One more quilt to finish up and my 
Christmas quilt giving will be wrapped up!!
(ha ha good one there) 

I used a SoHo Chic Jelly Roll and Kona Snow fabric

This time of year, it is SO hard to photograph
a quilt, the days are short, and the good light is gone
and then it also seems like if I don't have full sun, 
I have WIND!!!

Happy Tuesday
Stay warm!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Postage Stamp in Progress

I have wanted to make a Postage Stamp quilt for a while now

When I seen the Soho Chic jelly roll from Sandy Gervais,
I knew that was the fabric I wanted to use!!

first you sew a whole lots strips together, then you cut them all apart
just to sew them back together again!!!

but it sure beats sewing all that many 2 inch squares together
thats for sure

Happy Wednesday

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Little Drummer Boy....such a cool version

I just thought I would share, 

it is December 1st after all,

according to my husband
now I can listen to Christmas music

Little Drummer Boy....such a cool version | Britta

Happy Sunday!!


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