Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Hearts

Some how my daughter went and grew up
she turned 18!!!

How and when did that happen???

She will graduate in a few short months,
this year can slow down any time!!


I finished my Heartthrob wall hanging
I am pretty impressed with it

The pattern is Heartthrob by Vanessa at Lella Boutique
the fabric is Hearts a Flutter by Deb Strain

The quilting is by me
on my new machine!
I am SO excited I can do wavy lines now!!

I also added an appliqué stitch around the other half of the heart, 
and then a straight stitch around each block square

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Completed Swoon!!! (27)

You may recall back at the beginning of the month
in this post
I set a goal for January,
to Finish my Swoon quilt

Well here it is

I am SO happy with it now that it is complete!!

I quilted it on my home machine
(before I got my new one)

I just did the outline of each Flower or Star
(what ever you call them)
then added an x across the block and 
stitched around each square.

It lives in our living room
and there is plenty of room for 2 to cuddle on those cold winter nights

I backed it with cozy micro fleece!!


A little behind the scenes here,
Normally I take my quilt outside to photograph them
but today we are experiencing  a nice Saskatchewan
winter day, complete with 70 KM/Hour winds and lots of blowing snow

So I do the next best thing, go to my entryway where there is still lots of natural light 
and enough room for a big quilt

This is usually my hanging crew
my hubby and my big dude

Happy Sunday
Stay warm
I am typing this from the warmth of my bed
as I seem to have come down with the flu :(

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Lily's Quilts

Lily's Quilts

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Toys

Well January is almost gone,
how did that happen??

I got some new toys for Christmas
and my birthday is a week after, and I had some birthday money 

My hubby got me a new sewing machine for Christmas

my last machine was a PFAFF as well,
so I decided to stick with what I knew

This machine sews like a dream, and so fast!!

I am excited to quilt something on it,
I has the bigger throat space

I think that is why he bought it for me,
he got tired of me grunting and groaning to get my quilts through my old machine

and as I said, I got some $$
I was in Micheal's Craft store one afternoon
and noticed they had rotating cutting mats...

Well I used my 40% off coupon and picked up a 14x14 Fiskars mat for $30, 
pretty happy with myself

Now after using this mat, what did I do without it
No more moving the fabric,
just turn the mat!!

So much faster!!

Well I am off to sew something
Happy Saturday
Stay Warm

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hearts in Progress

I am working on a new wall hanging for my entry way
my plan when I put my shelf there, was to make somewhat seasonal wall hangings

I made my snowman for Christmas/winter
and now I am making hearts for February

The pattern is Heartthrob by Vanessa at Leila Boutique

I am downsizing the pattern to make it wall hanging size!

Happy Wednesday
Stay warm

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vintage Finished (26)

This is before quilting

As project #1
for the Library Project Quilt Along

I choose the Vintage pattern
from Camille Roskelly's book 
Simply Retro

I had made a quilt for my sister in law for Christmas,
apparently her boyfriend tried to steal her quilt...
so she asked me to make him one of his own.

I used a mix of grey fat quarters and mixed in 4 navy prints

I also made it big enough for 2 to cuddle under,
by adding a 4th row of blocks, making the quilt 85x85 inches

I used left over navy fabric for a mixed up scrappy binding, 
and backed the quilt with navy micro fleece

I am pretty proud of this one, 
especially since it was my first real attempt at having so many points line up

So project #1 can get crossed off the list!!

on a side note
Look at what greeted me out my window this morning as I was having coffee
Absolute beauty!!

Happy Saturday
Stay warm

I am off to start project #2 Heartthrob!!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Library Project!!

I am joining Adrienne at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts

She is hosting a year long quilt along, to try and get us 
actually making quilts with the patterns in quilt books we buy.

I have many books, many patterns that are on my to-do list
or on my "maybe someday" list

This isn't all my books either

This quilt along has got me moving
I have already got a big jump on my Vintage quilt,
more about that in the next day or 2

First up

I will be making the Vintage quilt by Camille Roskelly

From there, and in no particular order...

I am going to make Butterfly Kisses,
into a wall hanging for my summer entry way

This layer cake quilt for my sister

The Plus quilt for a grad gift!

again from Simply Retro

The Dwell quilt, again I will be making this one into a wall hanging
for my entry way

I have seen this book ALL over the quilt blog land in the last few weeks,
Love the sampler quilt, going to attempt one this year!!

I forgot a few other patterns that were tucked away and
not in my patterns binder, but I think that is a good enough start for now!!

We are going to meet up once a month
to update our progress, 
should be fun

Happy Friday
Stay warm

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Vintage Work In Progress

I have been working away at my Vintage Quilt

I was able to get to my quilt shop and get more grey fabric

I have all the navy blocks finished up
 and am working on the grey ones

I am enjoying working with this pattern, it goes together very easily 
I can see myself using this pattern often.

Sorry for the nasty picture, the green cutting mat does nothing for the grey fabric!!

Happy Wednesday

We are forecast for wind up to 80-100KM today, 
so I can see I will be spending more time in my sewing room!!

Friday, January 10, 2014


I made a Postage Stamp quilt
and gifted it to my Sister In Law for Christmas

apparently he boyfriend
tried to take it home with him

I can't help it everybody loves my quilts, lol

She now has asked me to make him his own quilt

I have decided to join a year long quilt along
a Library Project Quilt Along

You pick a project from a quilt book from your stash of books
(Be honest, we all have tons of quilt books we have all oohed and aahhed over, 
but never actually made the quilt in the book)

I LOVE the Simply Retro book by Camille Roskelly!!

She is my favourite pattern and fabric designer!
I have several pattern from this book 
I WANT to make!!

The first one on the list is 

I haven't decided weather I will add sashing or another whole row of blocks to make it 
"big enough for 2 to snuggle under"

I will be making the quilt with Navy's and Greys

I will be back to share progress as I work on this quilt

Happy Friday
Stay warm

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I posted a few days back about getting things finished up in 2014

Funny how that very day
I was asked to make 2 other quilts and 2 days later a 3rd quilt was added to that list!!

I can see my projects are going to get put to the back burner

Oh well,
that is why I love to make quilts,
for others to enjoy them

I managed to get my Swoon
top finished!!

Now I have to be honest
I started my first swoon block, way back in about May or June
and that single lonely block sat on my wall for months

It was then joined by a second, 
and they sat for a few more months

I made 2 more blocks...

The more blocks I made the less I liked the idea of this
blue and brown quilt.

Maybe I would just use the blocks individually
as table toppers on the living room end tables....

Maybe I would just make a 4 block small lap Swoon....

Then came the day my hubby asked for a quilt
that was big enough for him from his toes to his nose, with a little extra room
for me to be able cuddle with him on the couch

ok, ok I will keep adding to my swoon to make it the 9 blocks like the pattern

I even said to him 
"I honestly don't LOVE this quilt, I love every quilt I make, 
I am sad that some don't live here with me anymore even, 
but I cannot make myself love this Swoon

That being said, I still had to finish it

that is when the magic happened
With each piece of sashing I added to these blocks
I began to like them more and more

Until I now LOVE this quilt top!!

I have not decided how this will get quilted,
weather to send it out to my Long Arm lady,
or weather to rent and learn to use the Long Arm machine at my local quilt store
or weather to just suck it up and quilt it on my home machine

I do hope to get Swoon completely finished soon,
but like I said, I have a few other projects that have time lines

Happy Wednesday
Stay warm


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