Sunday, January 5, 2014



what does that mean to me??

First off it means I will celebrate my 40th year!
It means my daughter will celebrate her 18th year
It means my daughter will graduate from High School
and go out into the world on her own

It could prove to be a tough year!

I have decided to participate in the 
2014 year of Finishes

in hopes of getting some of these quilts I have started
out of the project boxes and into the hands
of someone who will love them

I don't have too many
;) ;)

First up, 
I am going to finish my Swoon!

My hubby has mentioned a time or two
that I need to make a couch quilt, big enough for 2 people to cuddle under
long enough to cover his toes, and his nose at the same time

I am making the quilt 3 x 3
which will make it about 90 inches square
should be big enough

I have spent the first weekend of the year
back in me sewing room,

I have 3 more blocks made, and the last 2 are cut out waiting to be sewn!

I'll keep you updated!

Happy Sunday
Stay warm
(it has been cold here against his week, temps in the -30 Celsius range, add on a little wind and we are looking at -50 BBRRRRRR)

href="" title="A Lovely Year of Finishes"> <img src="" width="180" height="180" alt="A Lovely Year of Finishes" style="border:none;" />


Moneik said...

Good luck finishing Swoon. It is on my UFO list as well and I hope to get it pieced into a top at retreat next weekend.

Katherine said...

Great looking Swoon!

Brrrrr... not envying your temps. - you are much colder than Calgary this winter (saying this with crossed fingers ;o).

Wishing you an amazing 2014!


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