Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Carpenter Star!! (28)

A few weeks ago I set my February goal
I set out to make a Carpenters Star quilt
in an extra large queen size for my brother and his wife

These are the fabric we chose,
a mix of purple and grey, both light and dark

So I set to work

This is the inner star, 
what you can't see in this picture is that it almost takes up my whole
design wall, which forced me to move down to the basement for the
rest of the project, where there was enough room for it all.

the entire star, without the borders
Sorry for the poor colour pictures, remember I said I was in my basement

This was my first big project on my new machine
I had lots of room to move it around.

I quilting it straight line, following the star pattern

I really should have taken a picture of the back of the quilt,
the pattern of the quilting looked awesome on the solid backing fabric

I made the side borders wider than the top and bottom, for extra over hang on the sides of their bed

They were very happy with how it turned out
My brother is still a little upset I didn't use any "camouflage' Fabric

I am very happy with how it turned out too!!

Happy Tuesday
Stay warm, it's -30 here again in Saskatchewan!!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Library Project Simply Color Framed

It is time for the February check in 

ok, ok, ok

I have re vamped my project list

a few times

But in my defence, the projects I was asked to make
were changed on me
but enough about that

onto my Feb project

I have gone back to my favourite pattern designer

from her Simply Retro book

I have had my eye on this pattern, 
I think I am drawn to the bright fabric she used

When I came across a Layer cake of 
Simply Color by V & Co

I set to work

 that took about an hour

seriously, this was an easy pattern!!
it came together real easy and real fast

I haven't got any further than getting the top together
and then I had to move on to a couple of paid projects

If you are looking for a quick project
this is it, seriously, I started cutting the fabric at about 2 
on a Saturday afternoon, and had the majority of it all pieced together that evening
and I had stopped to make supper even!!

Thanks for stopping by
Remember to go check out a few others taking part in 
the Library Project

Stay Warm!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Centerpiece quilt top

My Centerpiece quilt top is done

I bought a pattern and fabric kit from Sweetwater
then when it got here, I decided to use the fabric part of the kit for another project, 
and use other hexagons I already had for the pattern part of the kit

there is a whole lotta pressing involved with this pattern
each of the 16 flowers needs to be pressed in, like so, 
and then appliqu├ęd onto the bigger blocks

The pressing is what takes the most time, the quilt actually came together quite fast


In other news, one of my 2014 goals was to learn 
and get comfortable with free motion quilting, 
on my home machine. 

I enquired into classes at my local quilt shop, they do teach free motion, 
but not until May or June, well that won't help me, around here May is crazy busy with farming, and June this year will be crazy busy with my daughter graduating

So I purchased a few books,
got comfy with a cup of tea and a warm quilt and started to read

Then I gave it a try

I can see I am going to like this, and be able to have fun with it

Happy Tuesday
Stay warm!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hexi Flowers in progress

Got some mail the other day I had forgotten about
I had pre ordered a kit from Sweetwater
for their Centerpiece quilt 
using their new line, Wishes


I already had a bunch of Hexigons cut out
that really didn't have a purpose
So I decided to use them for this pattern

This is my first time sewing with hexagons
they are not so bad

Maybe when this is finished, Ill even be brave enough to try Triangles

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Goals

Ok, January is done and gone
Lets see what I can accomplish in Feb

First up
I have been asked to make a Carpenters Star quilt
big enough for a queen sized bed, that is a little high,
so it needs to be a little longer on the sides

These are the fabrics
purple and grey, each in light and dark shades

I have never done this type of star before and I am a little intimidated by it.
I am using a pattern I found at Craftsy

Happy Saturday
Stay Warm

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