Friday, September 19, 2014

The Library Project September

September already
passed the middle of September even!!

I picked the Blossom quilt from
With Fabric and Thread
by Joanna Figeroa
after making the Mini Blossom

a fun easy pattern

I have the top finished, but I am unsure about the quilting,
not sure if I want to do it
and if I do, what do I do, straight line or free motion
or do I send it out to a Long Arm quilter...

So for now this top sits

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Happy Friday

Monday, September 15, 2014

Heart Strings (39)

This quilt seriously pulls at my heart strings
and has since I first put it up on my design wall

This is a quilt for my daughter
She has moved out on her own this year
all grown up and off to college.

We bought her a new bedroom suite
and new duvet and cover
The cover has the navys and the teals
that are in this quilt

We started picking up fat quarters in those colours to make her a quilt
and I added a few neutrals to mix

I made the Turning Twenty pattern again,
same as my last quilt

Like I said last time, such a quick easy pattern

When I was a girls growing up my grandma made all kinds
of mixed up patchwork quilts

When I had all my blocks together and put them up on my design wall
my heart did a flip,  I had created a grandma quilt

(we were fighting a slight wind taking these pictures)

When I had the quilt top together I sent a picture
to my mom, and she said "wow, you made a grandma quilt!"

I sent a picture to my Sister in law
She said "that looks just like a grandma quilt"

SO I wasn't the only one who thought that

This is special, a quilt for my daughter, that has a special piece of my grandma

I even used a floral flannel backing, just like grandma used to!!

Now if I could just convince my daughter to let me keep this quilt!!

This quilt is 85x85
Free Motion Quilted by me!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wildside (38)

(been cloudy for days and I try to take a picture and the sun peaks out enough to make a shadow)

I went on a quilt shop tour about a month ago
Found my new favourite store
and in this store I found this awesome
fat quarter bundle, Waterfront Park by Violet Craft

I was an awesome mix of colours,
and I've had a pattern that I wanted to use for a while now
the Turning Twenty pattern

This is a SUPER EASY pattern
super fast and super easy

I think it took me about 30 minutes to cut the fabric out,
I chain pieced the blocks in the hour it took for the buns I was baking to rise
and about another hour to put the top together!

I plan to make this pattern again in navy and teal for my daughter

if you don't know this pattern, the blocks are about 16.5 square
and this finished quilt is 70 x 70.5

I backed it with black fleece, and quilted it on all the seams
and used a plain black "frame" binding

I think it looks pretty good in my living room!!

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Happy Tuesday!!


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