Sunday, November 9, 2014

Colorful Hugs and Kisses

It is that time of year again
the sky seems to always be grey
the clouds are always present
the days are shorter
:( :( :(

Makes it SO hard to take a good picture

I also have to confess...
I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues
making it very hard to be creative.
I have gone into my craft room and simply sat for hours, doing nothing
not wanting to make anything.
Feeling "why bother, nobody would care if I did or not"

I am working on getting better
I am having good days and bad


A while back I seen this amazing pattern from Fig Tree and Co
I have had it on top of the pile since I bought it
I even have the very fabric that they used for the pattern pictures
but like I said, my heart wasn't it in

Then I happened to have a thought,
"what if I use different fabric" 
and I ran with it

Cut all my fabric and set out chain piecing...

Using Simply Style fabric by V & Co

I sewed

and sewed

and sewed

and ended up with a great little piles of X's

the race was on, which would run out first, my thread or my pile of fabric
the pile was gone, and I still had a little thread, phew

The end result

This amazing top!!

I have to admit though, it is still up on the design wall
I am trying to decide weather to add a border or not...

Happy Sunday


Adrienne said...

This is gorgeous! I don't think it needs a border. Only maybe sashing on the two sides to match the top and bottom.

Myra said...

I agree with Adrienne - a white border on the sides to match the top and bottom. I don't think it needs another border unless you want it larger.

Heather A said...

Love this one, too! Bright, cheerful colour!


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