Saturday, February 13, 2016

year review pt1

Just wanted to do some catching up (warning lots of pictures to follow)
These are all the things I have made in the last year, not including quits, those will be in a post to follow, these are the pouches, purses, tote bags and what not

Sew together make up bag

duffle bag

Diaper bag set with a pouch and duffle



more duffle bags

and more pouches

matching makeup bags and Medicine totes

small clutches

more purses

the custest bear pillows

make up bags for a girls weekend

mens shaving kits


large tote bag

this is one of my favourite projects of last year, 
I cut all of the boards for this frame my self, and even meitered the corners myself


a gorgeous wallet, with 12 card slots, a zippered pouch and 2 other pockets, even big enough for my phone

so pouches with paper pieced details

Looking back at it like this, I sure made a lot of stuff, 
gifted most of it, swapped some of it and even sold some of it!


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